Marc’s Transformation

I want to thank Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching for making a profound difference in my life.

A little background about myself: on January 20, 2018 I had emergency surgery to address complications from Diverticulitis resulting in a colostomy, was on IV antibiotics for 12 weeks and was off from work for over 4 months. My second surgery in October of 2018 left me with an ileostomy that I had for 13 months so everything could heal properly from the second surgery. Then on November 29th 2019, I had the final surgery to close the ileostomy and I could begin to move on from my ordeal.

All this surgery left me weak, tired and in the worst shape of my life. I would fatigue easily; I had no stamina whatsoever and went from 150 pounds to 185 pounds in a very short period of time.
I wasn’t in the best of shape of my life prior to my surgery and my nutrition was very poor. Junk food, fast food, sugary drinks, low fiber, no fruits, no vegetables and no water were the norm. The last formal fitness program I was in was grade 11 gym back in 1979.

My first workout with Shauna was very revealing and it showed me just how out of shape I was. As time went on, the workouts got easier and I began to notice I didn’t fatigue as easily at work. I could carry a ladder for example longer and further before I had to put in down to rest a bit. My stamina began to improve significantly, my energy levels got a lot higher, I could do a lot more work in a day without getting tired and I was sleeping better at night.

In less than 10 months, I lost 20lbs, 7% body fat, and 16 inches around my body. I also gained significant strength and endurance, and noticed way less inflammation in my body.

If you are considering a lifestyle change, I highly recommend Infinity! Shauna and her team of health coaches will hold you accountable and give you the tools, and more importantly the counselling that is part of any lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals.