Refund Policy

UPDATED: 2023-01-26

Returning Products & Order Discrepancy

Returns or exchanges can be made at anytime before the item is in the buyer’s possession (online sales). Once a product is provided to the buyer, no refunds will be provided. Size exchanges can be made within 7 days of the purchase date.

Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. However, we will gladly refund your original shipping cost to you if you are returning an item because of an error on our part, or we have determined that the product is defective, or it is due to an order discrepancy (wrong product, wrong flavor, wrong size, etc…). If you are shipping a product back to our company due to our error and require a new product sent back to you we will also pay for these additional shipping charges.

All FREE promotional items (t-shirts, shaker cups, samples, etc…) must be returned if an original order is sent back for a full refund. Full refunds may not be granted if these promotional items are not returned.

Refund of Services

All contracts are binding. Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching does not offer refunds on consultations or any coaching services. We are here to coach you to your highest level of success, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in your coaching package. When refunds are an option, you can have “one foot in” the work, and “one foot out” the door. It is to YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE purchasing your program and committing to work that Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching is right for you. If you’re in, you need to be 100% in, just as we will be for you. Should you decide to terminate the health coaching relationship at any point in your program, refund of fees for any remaining session(s) will not be made, and the remaining balance if applicable will be owed in full. A program hold may be granted at the discretion of management and with a valid doctor’s note if you are unable to physically or mentally continue due to medical issues.

Should you need to reschedule a coaching session, you may do so by providing 24 hours notice in advance of your session and making up the session within two weeks of the originally scheduled date. Should you provide less than this amount, you will be charged for a full session. It is important that you prioritize this work to receive the full benefit of your coaching package.

All group fitness program payments and drop in fees are non-refundable. If you registered for a spot with a payment and are unable to attend class, there will be no refunds, extensions, or transfer of classes permitted.