Lori’s Transformation

During my entire adult life I have struggled with my weight. My “why” was because I wanted to be healthier so I could be around for my amazing family. It is important to me to be a good role model for them. Accountability and staying consistent in maintenance have always been a struggle for me. Megan, my incredible coach, helped me focus on the deep underlying issues. I wanted a lifestyle change but didn’t really know what that meant until I was coached by Infinity.

Infinity helped me carefully look at all aspects of my life from an outside perspective. Megan strategized with me and looked at habits that were not working for me. She helped me replace them with good habits to support my weight loss journey. Megan looked at my life as it was at the time, met me there and worked from there. Megan is very genuine and I always felt like she was as invested in my journey as I was.

Infinity delved into what I needed to be successful and was not just a one fits all program. They gave me support and encouragement through the good and really tough times. Six months later I am now off all medication and am happy and healthy. I now look at myself in a positive way and am living the dream. Infinity Health Coaching has truly changed my life! I now have the emotional and physical tools to continue this journey on my own and live my best life!