Leaner, Stronger, Fitter, and Healthier

6 months ago, I signed up for a 6-month program with Shauna, owner of Infinity Nutrition and Health Coaching. I assumed that Shauna would tell me to cut the carbs, eat a lot of chicken, load up on artificial sweeteners, and lift heavy weights. I also assumed that if I was unable to finish my workouts for a week, that I would be considered a failure of a client and that I wasn’t worth the time. Turns out I was wrong about most of this – except the lift heavy weights and eat a lot of protein parts. Those were facts.

The beautiful difference between Shauna’s program compared to others that I have completed is that we focused on overall health and wellness, not just simply losing fat and gaining muscle which can be really difficult to do when life gets busy, days don’t go your way, or you’re tired because your child kept you up late (hands up over here!). I really enjoyed focusing on overall health because I got to explore foods, new recipes, new ways of cooking, and ultimately discovered that spinach smoothies are probably the best meal of the day. Try having one a day…I dare you.

I learned that what you eat can help you avoid cold and flu season (add a little ginger to that smoothie – it’s a masterpiece).

I learned ways to add fruits and vegetables to most of my recipes and started to question things I would make or eat that had zero nutrition from fruits or vegetables.

And I learned ultimately that it’s okay to have a bad week – it does not make you a bad client, it doesn’t make you not worthy, it just makes you human.

It is hard to be consistent with nourishing our bodies properly and healthy living in general, but Infinity is the perfect solution. I would highly recommend checking out their programs and services, because I know you won’t regret it.