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Joanne’s Story

When I could not walk up two flights of stairs at work without being winded, I knew something had to change. I was not healthy physically or mentally: although I tried to keep it all together, I cried a lot in private. I felt horrible about myself as a person (and as a mother) and the more I thought about the things I knew I was not doing well – not exercising, not eating well – the worse I felt about myself.

I am in my late 40s, busy working full time, completing a PhD, volunteering, being a mother to two active and busy children. By the time I did all of those things in a day – running from work to my own classes at university, to hockey practice, or gymnastics, or a board meeting, I was exhausted and hungry, and did not make time to exercise or eat right.

When I started working with Jessica, I was able to voice all of the barriers I had to improving my health. She listened and was able to help me look at where I could make some modifications to my routines and to my diet so that I could start feeling healthier. At first I was not sure that I had it in me to persevere with the changes she was suggesting, and I wondered why I needed someone to help me with these things, when I should be able to do them on my own.

However, I followed Jessica’s coaching and started to see changes: some weight loss, more energy, more confidence. Now, I have 25 pounds less weight to carry around and I feel stronger physically and mentally. I am able to deal with the stress in a more positive way. I have more confidence and I feel good about myself.

Now, I am proud that I perserved. I am able to maintain the routines, healthy eating, and exercise. Now I run, and I challenge myself each time. I feel happy that I can play with my children outside without feeling exhausted and winded and I have more energy to do physical activities with them. And, I always take the stairs now!