20 Inches Down!

I signed up for the 6-month program with Coach Amanda, who truly changed my life! She has changed the way I think about weight loss and nutrition and has given me the tools to truly live a healthier lifestyle. I’ve got my confidence back!

When I first saw Amanda, I had absolutely no self-confidence, my stress was at an all-time high, I wasn’t sleeping very well, and I felt depressed overall. I was a binge eater and food was my comfort for any feeling I had that day.

I tried losing weight for six years and believe me when I say I tried everything…I would stick to a plan for weeks at a time, then I would fall off of it and tell myself, “Oh well, you can try again next month.”

Amanda made me realize it’s not that you need to stay on a strict diet, but to just be mindful of what you eat and take one day at a time. Start with a large goal and break it into smaller steps so it’s not so overwhelming. It was nice to just talk with her and for her to give me daily tips on how I can make it easier. She felt like my own personal cheer leader.

She had also helped me with coping with my stress and anxiety. This played a big part in my weight gain and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Now, I don’t let things affect me as much and I can keep moving forward to focus on my own personal growth.

There were a lot of times that I felt like quitting but seeing her every week helped me push forward. I can’t wait to see what goals I can achieve in the future. Thank you Amanda and Infinity!