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Fit After 50!

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"I have been training with Infinity Health Coaching since June of 2018 and have seen amazing results from day one! I am 51 years old and had started to believe that losing weight and feeling strong and fit again was impossible for me. The fitness, nutrition, and health coaching I have received since joining Infinity have given me the tools, confidence, and motivation to really push myself in so many ways. I have surpassed my original weight loss goal and am now on to my third goal, having lost 22 pounds so far. My energy has improved, my sleep, my strength, and my endurance, to name a few. I have confidence in myself like never before, which has helped to improve and strengthen my relationships with others, specifically my husband and my children. The biggest obstacle I faced was thinking that this level of fitness was impossible for me at my age, boy have I been proven wrong! My daughter and I are doing this program together. Having her with me is a great motivator and push to succeed. Working out is so much more fun with someone else. I am so pleased and proud that she is inspired to be fit as well, and I hope that I am a role-model for her and what she can accomplish now, and when she is in her fifties. Do not hesitate! Get started with Infinity Health Coaching today. You will not be disappointed."  

A Mother of 3

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Natasha came in with a goal of losing 30 pounds, and she has already accomplished that just 4 months into her program! On top of that, she has lost 25.5 inches around her whole body, her energy is way up, and she has has exceeded her goal of getting her pre-baby body back. The icing on the cake: she's managed to do this all with 3 little boys! Here are a few words from this #fitmom:

"My Infinity Coach has been incredibly accommodating to my needs as a parent. I have to bring my two toddlers to sessions, and often find myself in a pickle with time management. My Coach has been excellent at offering solutions for our schedule, making a plan, and helping us to follow through. Her expectations are reasonable, and I’m so glad I chose her and her team to help me get over the final hurdle and get my life back on track. She is encouraging, kind, incredibly supportive, and is able to think quickly when it comes to adapting to hurdles and roadblocks I may face. I am so thankful that we chose Infinity to help us reach our goals! I am looking forward to the next few months. If you’re considering making life changes with someone to encourage you and challenge you, this is the team to go with. My energy has increased, I’m accountable to someone other than my scale, and when I’m too tired to problem solve on my own, the Infinity team has been paramount in my success."

A Couple's Experience

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"We’ve been with Infinity for about 5 months now. Before we started, my wife led a healthy lifestyle - watching her diet, staying active and going to the gym regularly. I on the other hand did not. We've tried several programs in the past, but nothing seemed to stick and admittedly I became very skeptical of wellness programs in general. After hearing about Infinity, my wife reached out, set up a meeting and I reluctantly agreed to give it a try.

Shauna’s pitch was different than anything we’ve experienced in the past. This wasn’t going to be a quick fix, fad diet, crazy exercise program that guaranteed a fitter you in 21 days. This was the total package. Food, exercise, water intake, mental health, work life balance, meal prepping - you name it, nothing was off the table.

We spent the first month talking and not hitting the gym - setting goals, discussing challenges and temptations, and developing a trusting relationship that allowed us to be accountable to each other. This was critical to our success, and reinforced the holistic approach that Infinity took with us. It wasn’t just about working out - it was bigger than that.

We’re 5 months into our 6 month program and the results we’ve noticed are dramatic. I set an unrealistic goal of losing 40 pounds and I’m down 48 already. I just ran 16 kilometres and will run the half marathon next year, and my wife of 16 years is the fittest she's ever been!

We finally feel like we have control over our success, and it’s not something we want anymore, we have it! It’s been life changing for our family, and even though we are busy, Infinity has given us a new perspective on what's truly possible. If you're looking for lasting change and real results, Infinity is the way to go!"

Val's Transformation

before and after, total transformation, weight loss transformation, testimonial, success story, fit

"I am in my early 50s and was disappointed with how I had “let myself go”. I was at the mall looking to buy some new clothes when I realized just how unhappy I was with myself and at that moment, decided I had to do something different. That something was Infinity Nutrition and Health Coaching.

I called Shauna who responded quickly which was encouraging and I took it as a sign that this was meant to be. She was a wealth of information and assured me that we could work together to achieve my goals. I had a few old injuries which I was concerned about and Shauna provided accommodations to ensure I didn’t re-injure myself but also tips to help strengthen those areas. I was on my way!

I have been lucky to have worked with three of the Coaches from Infinity – Shauna and Jesse as Personal Coaches and Shaquelle as my Tabata Instructor. Each of them shared their own inspirational transformations, challenged and motivated me through the tough times, were never judgmental and made the work outs fun!

Personally, I have seen amazing results - I've lost over 23 inches and 30 pounds!! Family, friends and co-workers have commented on my transformation and I am eager tell them about Infinity! My quality of life has been greatly impacted; I have more energy and confidence, am stronger, and successfully met my weight loss goal. When I compare my initial assessment to where I am now – I am amazed at how far I have come, am overall happier and feel better than I have in a long time. I have the tools to succeed long term with a very sustainable lifestyle change thanks to Infinity and its coaches." 

Some Kind Words From Sherri S.

before and after, transformation, weight loss transformation, testimonial, success story, inspire

"Amazing results! I had stumbled across Infinity Nutrition and Health Coaching at a heath and wellness fair in the winter of 2018. I was in the worst shape of my life, very overweight and I cringed every time I passed a mirror. I had been diagnosed with a thyroid condition that had caused my weight to skyrocket very quickly over the course of a year. That made me feel terrible about myself and I lost all motivation to even try to get into better physical shape. Once I lost the motivation, the weight kept creeping up and the healthy eating went out the window. The depression and low self esteem came into play very quickly. I was a mess. Physically and mentally.  

When I met Shauna that day, something about her intrigued me. It was time to do something, and she made me feel totally comfortable from the very first minute we spoke. I met again with her for my fist assessment on March 7, 2018. We weighed ( I was horrified), we measured, we talked about my life and lifestyle and what I was hoping to get out of seeing her. I was so impressed, that by the end of our meeting, I had signed up to work with her for the next 6 months. I went home feeling positive about the future in a way that I hadn't for a long time, and was excited to meet with her again the following week. That didn't happen quite as we had planned.

That very same evening I had a bad accident that left me hospitalized with several broken bones. I had a badly broken ankle, and multiple shoulder injuries. I spent a month in hospital followed by several months at home in a wheelchair recuperating from the accident. Shauna kept in touch the whole time, sending me her positive vibes and assured me that she was waiting with my time slot whenever I was ready for it!

It was July before I met with Shauna again and it was time to get started once again. I admit that I was afraid to try any kind of exercises that first day. I was still not fully recovered, in constant pain, and had gained even more weight and had gone downhill even further in the past few months. Being wheelchair bound had made everything worse. I had limited mobility in my shoulder and injuries to my hand as well. I had no balance when I was walking as I had lost that ability over the past months. I tripped and stumbled constantly. And the accident took a lot out of me mentally as well. Everything was so hard!

With Shauna's help I have come a tremendous way in the past 6 months. I have lost over 20 lbs. I have lost 11 inches overall. My balance is back to normal. I am mostly pain free, and am getting stronger every day. I had a follow up surgery in October that left me doing everything one handed for a while, but still we persevered. Shauna was able to modify every single thing we needed to. She knows when to push me and knows when to make modifications to make things easier. We have succeeded in every way in making me a better, stronger version of myself without ever aggravating my existing injuries, and have succeeded in working within my limitations.

She has also helped me immensely with meal prep ideas and recipes and is an encyclopedia of knowledge in all things health and fitness related. I ask LOTS of questions, and she really knows her stuff!

I met with Shauna a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to tell her that I wanted to sign up for round 2. I want another 6 months to really see how far I can go, now that I am mostly healed from everything. And I know without hesitation that Shauna and the Infinity team are the one's who can get me to where I want to go. I am forever grateful to have stumbled across Infinity that day last year. With Shauna's help, I truly am getting my life back in every single way!"

Mentally & Emotionally Stronger

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"When I reached out to Infinity, I was feeling defeated. I didn't go in to lose a ton of weight or become the best beefcake version of myself. I reached out to her because I knew I was heading down an unsustainable path.

After graduating, I had fully adopted a convivence diet, eating out nearly half of all my meals. I wasn't working out and had very little confidence the odd time I would ever go to the gym. Aside from that, I noticed I was starting to feel quite depressed, which was affecting my relationship.

I'm incredibly proud to say, I feel like a different person now. I know I don't look dramatically different, but, in only six months, I was able to pick up lifelong habits. Now, I cook nearly every meal, prep food for the entire week (no, it doesn't get boring) and still eat out weekly. My body feels better, and I enjoy coming up with meals and recipes.

Mental health was likely the most critical part of my journey with Infinity. Over the last six months, my Coach helped me overcome moments where, if I had it my way, would have ended in much unhealthier outcomes. She kept me on track through a toxic job (which I eventually left), the loss of grandparents and my mom, general anxiety, and whatever else the world threw at me. Every Monday, she was there, "Chris, go to the gym. It'll make you feel better." I always wanted to tell her that curling up in bed watching reality tv would make me feel better, but I was utterly wrong. Going to the gym makes you feel wildly better!

My Coach helped me survive what has been the most challenging six months of my life and has given me the means and confidence to cope with life in a much healthier way than I could have on my own. She's ridiculously supportive without being overbearing, which is reassuring because I've heard many people don't have the same experience with personal trainers. I owe her much more than I paid, and I'm so thankful to have met her.

There are a thousand things you could spend money on aside from bettering yourself (Instant Pots, Google Home Minis for every room, Robot vacuums, Ancestry DNA kits, Hydroflasks, cashmere sweaters, microtransactions... you get it) but I swear you won't regret working with any of the trainers at Infinity. My body and I are happier, my relationship is stronger, and I'm a much stronger person (still not a beefcake). Infinity, Thanks a million."

More Success Stories...

Robin's Journey

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Meet Robin, who has successfully completed a one year program with Infinity. Not only has Robin lost a significant amount of weight, but she's reduced pain, increased strength and mobility, and is able to keep up with her energetic grand kids. It had been a wonderful experience working with her, and we are confident that she had built healthy habits and a lifestyle change that is truly sustainable. Here's what Robin has to say:

"I have been working with my Infinity Coach for a year now. She is a very encouraging person who makes the workouts challenging yet also fun! When I first started working with her I just wanted relief from my sore knees, but as I went on my expectations changed. I never thought I could lose much weight because of my age and I began with very minimal goals, but my Coach helped me to reach beyond my expectations. I have lost over 40 pounds which has helped take pressure off of my knees.

Even when I had bad weeks, my Coach never made me feel guilty. She’s all about moving forward and creating attainable goals. I also really enjoyed her meal plans. They never ventured too far from what I was used to eating. She used my likes and dislikes to help shape a realistic yet transforming meal plan.

I really enjoyed our weekly sessions where I was able to workout under so much guidance. My Coach taught me so much about training, and we had many laughs in the process. She has helped me gain confidence at the gym, and I am in the best shape I have ever been! Thank you Infinity!"

Judy's Transformation

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"In February 2018, I was fortunate to meet Shauna and her team, and joined her at Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching. Under expert guidance and coaching I have changed my life to a much more healthy lifestyle. My Coach has a wealth of knowledge, and through her support and motivation I have lost over 30 pounds and feel amazing! She has a wonderful way of making me feel empowered, she has made me very accountable which has lead to most of my success. She is very helpful and is an expert at nutrition coaching (lots of great recipes and meal ideas). She has also made be realize what I am capable of in the gym - her coaching and encouragement has made working out fun and something I look forward to.

It is so gratifying to see people who notice and compliment the positive changes I have made, and absolutely wonderful to feel so good about myself.

I am so grateful to have met my Coach at Infinity and I would encourage anyone who is wanting to make positive health changes to reach out to the team. I am your biggest fan, and tell anyone who will listen how wonderful this company is. Thank you!"

Joanne's Story

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"When I could not walk up two flights of stairs at work without being winded, I knew something had to change. I was not healthy physically or mentally: although I tried to keep it all together, I cried a lot in private. I felt horrible about myself as a person (and as a mother) and the more I thought about the things I knew I was not doing well – not exercising, not eating well – the worse I felt about myself.

I am in my late 40s, busy working full time, completing a PhD, volunteering, being a mother to two active and busy children. By the time I did all of those things in a day – running from work to my own classes at university, to hockey practice, or gymnastics, or a board meeting, I was exhausted and hungry, and did not make time to exercise or eat right.

When I started working with Jessica, I was able to voice all of the barriers I had to improving my health. She listened and was able to help me look at where I could make some modifications to my routines and to my diet so that I could start feeling healthier. At first I was not sure that I had it in me to persevere with the changes she was suggesting, and I wondered why I needed someone to help me with these things, when I should be able to do them on my own.

However, I followed Jessica's coaching and started to see changes: some weight loss, more energy, more confidence. Now, I have 25 pounds less weight to carry around and I feel stronger physically and mentally. I am able to deal with the stress in a more positive way. I have more confidence and I feel good about myself.

Now, I am proud that I preserved. I am able to maintain the routines, healthy eating, and exercise. Now I run, and I challenge myself each time. I feel happy that I can play with my children outside without feeling exhausted and winded and I have more energy to do physical activities with them. And, I always take the stairs now!"  

Craig's Journey

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"I reached out to Infinity to get some help with nutrition and exercise so I could lean out and gain strength and muscle. My initial experience was great - both timely and professional. My Coach would push my limits each week with great knowledge about training and movement techniques. About halfway through our 12 weeks, I decided after watching the Game Changers on Netflix that I wanted to try a vegan approach. This was a huge change for me, being a carnivorous cowboy all my life! My Coach never missed a beat - she made me a new menu and was very knowledgeable about the plant based approach, which made the transition easier. A few weeks later she also added a valuable workout plan that helped me accelerate my gains.

Now, my energy levels, strength, and muscle mass are way up! I've been able to achieve progress I never thought was possible, all thanks to the direction, knowledge and training from my weekly sessions with Infinity. The meal prep planning, recipe ideas, workouts, and encouragement was exactly what I needed. The amount of organization and detail covered was both educational and motivational for me. My Coach is truly a class act who feels like both a mentor and a friend, taking everything I said to heart and so clearly caring about my goals and wellbeing. I would recommend Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching whole heartedly to anyone looking to get healthier!"

Our Coaches Understand The Struggle!

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Infinity's own Health Coach Shaquelle Hibbert knows the challenges of getting healthy. She has lost over 45 pounds to date, and continues her journey while inspiring others to improve their lives! What Shaquelle has to say: 

"To be honest, I look back at my before and after pictures often just to remind myself of how far I have come in all dimensions of my health and wellness. As I have battled with yo-yo dieting, irregular exercise patterns, low self esteem and low confidence; these pictures are essential in my continual perseverance and routinization for my health. It took a long time for me to find what works best for my body but, I am so happy that I did not fully give up during the hard times. I continued pushing myself because I know how much better I feel when I fuel my body with the foods that I love and get a good workout in. My advice for anyone in a similar situation that I went through is to KEEP GOING! You will only find the best routine for your body if you keep trying! Trust me, the benefits that come with a healthier lifestyle are so rewarding!"

The Owner, Shauna Muldrew

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Shauna's transformation: "Yep, that's me on the left, I've gone through serious struggles with my weight and general well being just like most of you..

In the picture on the left, I was nearing the 200lb mark before I even hit my 20's. I ate McDonald's all the time, I smoked, I drank excessively, and I didn't exercise. My health suffered because of it, and I felt terrible.

In the last couple years, I changed my life around thanks to proper nutrition, regular exercise, and a healthy frame of mind. I have successfully launched and operated Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching, helped dozens of other people improve their health and quality of life, and developed a team of Health Coaches who share the same passion for health and helping people as me. I have progressed immensely with my own physical and mental health, nourishing my body and mind with the right choices. I am down 50 pounds and I have never felt better in my life! I have a ton of energy, my confidence and self esteem are high, and I have a positive outlook on life.

Now, I maintain my healthy weight, I don't drink, I eat clean 95% of the time, and I exercise daily. I don't see it as work anymore, because I know the difference between feeling terrible and feeling amazing. I wouldn't give this up for the world, and I love being able to teach people it's possible to reach your health goals and sustain them, no matter where you are starting from!"