The Last 10 Pounds

For years I have struggled to lose that last 10 pounds and get definition in my muscles. Just three months in with Infinity and I have lost 17 pounds and have defined abs!! This has been a total lifestyle change and I feel great! My confidence has gone up and I feel so healthy and happy. The coaches have pushed me to try things I didn’t think I was capable of, and with that has come great results physically and mentally. They keep me motivated and supported. I always feel that I can contact them at any time with questions concerning nutrition or fitness. And getting a personal one on one workout with a coach weekly incorporates variety into a routine and keeps it interesting and fun! Knowing they are involved and invested in my success makes this whole experience so positive. I never thought I could achieve these goals and yet they have come so easily with Infinity. I am excited to continue my fitness journey and see what else I am capable of. This has truly been a life changing experience for me, and as a bonus even some of my new healthy habits are rubbing off on my family. Thank you, Infinity!