SOME KIND WORDS FROM SHERRI S | Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching

Some kind words from Sherri S.

Amazing results! I had stumbled across Infinity Nutrition and Health Coaching at a heath and wellness fair in the winter of 2018.

I was in the worst shape of my life, very overweight and I cringed every time I passed a mirror. I had been diagnosed with a thyroid condition that had caused my weight to skyrocket very quickly over the course of a year. That made me feel terrible about myself and I lost all motivation to even try to get into better physical shape. Once I lost the motivation, the weight kept creeping up and the healthy eating went out the window. The depression and low self esteem came into play very quickly. I was a mess. Physically and mentally.

When I met Shauna that day, something about her intrigued me. It was time to do something, and she made me feel totally comfortable from the very first minute we spoke. I met again with her for my fist assessment on March 7, 2018. We weighed ( I was horrified), we measured, we talked about my life and lifestyle and what I was hoping to get out of seeing her. I was so impressed, that by the end of our meeting, I had signed up to work with her for the next 6 months.

I went home feeling positive about the future in a way that I hadn’t for a long time, and was excited to meet with her again the following week. That didn’t happen quite as we had planned.

That very same evening I had a bad accident that left me hospitalized with several broken bones. I had a badly broken ankle, and multiple shoulder injuries. I spent a month in hospital followed by several months at home in a wheelchair recuperating from the accident. Shauna kept in touch the whole time, sending me her positive vibes and assured me that she was waiting with my time slot whenever I was ready for it!

It was July before I met with Shauna again and it was time to get started once again. I admit that I was afraid to try any kind of exercises that first day. I was still not fully recovered, in constant pain, and had gained even more weight and had gone downhill even further in the past few months. Being wheelchair bound had made everything worse. I had limited mobility in my shoulder and injuries to my hand as well. I had no balance when I was walking as I had lost that ability over the past months. I tripped and stumbled constantly. And the accident took a lot out of me mentally as well. Everything was so hard!

With Shauna’s help I have come a tremendous way in the past 6 months. I have lost over 20 lbs. I have lost 11 inches overall. My balance is back to normal. I am mostly pain free, and am getting stronger every day. I had a follow up surgery in October that left me doing everything one handed for a while, but still we persevered. Shauna was able to modify every single thing we needed to. She knows when to push me and knows when to make modifications to make things easier.

We have succeeded in every way in making me a better, stronger version of myself without ever aggravating my existing injuries, and have succeeded in working within my limitations.

She has also helped me immensely with meal prep ideas and recipes and is an encyclopedia of knowledge in all things health and fitness related. I ask LOTS of questions, and she really knows her stuff!

I met with Shauna a couple of weeks ago and was pleased to tell her that I wanted to sign up for round 2. I want another 6 months to really see how far I can go, now that I am mostly healed from everything. And I know without hesitation that Shauna and the Infinity team are the one’s who can get me to where I want to go. I am forever grateful to have stumbled across Infinity that day last year. With Shauna’s help, I truly am getting my life back in every single way!