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Mentally & Emotionally Stronger

When I reached out to Infinity, I was feeling defeated. I didn’t go in to lose a ton of weight or become the best beefcake version of myself. I reached out to her because I knew I was heading down an unsustainable path.

After graduating, I had fully adopted a convivence diet, eating out nearly half of all my meals. I wasn’t working out and had very little confidence the odd time I would ever go to the gym. Aside from that, I noticed I was starting to feel quite depressed, which was affecting my relationship.

I’m incredibly proud to say, I feel like a different person now. I know I don’t look dramatically different, but, in only six months, I was able to pick up lifelong habits. Now, I cook nearly every meal, prep food for the entire week (no, it doesn’t get boring) and still eat out weekly. My body feels better, and I enjoy coming up with meals and recipes.

Mental health was likely the most critical part of my journey with Infinity. Over the last six months, my Coach helped me overcome moments where, if I had it my way, would have ended in much unhealthier outcomes. She kept me on track through a toxic job (which I eventually left), the loss of grandparents and my mom, general anxiety, and whatever else the world threw at me. Every Monday, she was there, “Chris, go to the gym. It’ll make you feel better.” I always wanted to tell her that curling up in bed watching reality tv would make me feel better, but I was utterly wrong. Going to the gym makes you feel wildly better!

My Coach helped me survive what has been the most challenging six months of my life and has given me the means and confidence to cope with life in a much healthier way than I could have on my own. She’s ridiculously supportive without being overbearing, which is reassuring because I’ve heard many people don’t have the same experience with personal trainers. I owe her much more than I paid, and I’m so thankful to have met her.

There are a thousand things you could spend money on aside from bettering yourself (Instant Pots, Google Home Minis for every room, Robot vacuums, Ancestry DNA kits, Hydroflasks, cashmere sweaters, microtransactions… you get it) but I swear you won’t regret working with any of the trainers at Infinity. My body and I are happier, my relationship is stronger, and I’m a much stronger person (still not a beefcake). Infinity, Thanks a million.