JUDY'S TRANSFORMATION | Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching

Judy’s Transformation

In February 2018, I was fortunate to meet Shauna and her team, and joined her at Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching. Under expert guidance and coaching I have changed my life to a much more healthy lifestyle. My Coach has a wealth of knowledge, and through her support and motivation I have lost over 30 pounds and feel amazing! She has a wonderful way of making me feel empowered, she has made me very accountable which has lead to most of my success. She is very helpful and is an expert at nutrition coaching (lots of great recipes and meal ideas). She has also made be realize what I am capable of in the gym – her coaching and encouragement has made working out fun and something I look forward to.

It is so gratifying to see people who notice and compliment the positive changes I have made, and absolutely wonderful to feel so good about myself.

I am so grateful to have met my Coach at Infinity and I would encourage anyone who is wanting to make positive health changes to reach out to the team. I am your biggest fan, and tell anyone who will listen how wonderful this company is. Thank you!