Follow-Up Post From Barb

I started with Infinity Health Coaching in June of 2018 and have achieved and sustained amazing results from day one! Being in my 50’s, I had started to believe that losing weight and feeling strong and fit again was impossible for me. But the fitness, nutrition, and health coaching I have received since joining Infinity have given me the tools, confidence, and motivation to really push myself in so many ways. I have confidence in myself like never before, which has helped to improve and strengthen my relationships with others, specifically my husband and my children. The biggest obstacle I faced was thinking that this level of fitness was impossible for me at my age, and boy have I been proven wrong!

Now, I am now three years into my health journey with the help of the amazing team at Infinity. I have continued to stick with my goals and maintain my 25lbs of weight loss, my strength, as well as commitment to my physical and mental health. Now that I am in serious maintenance I only see or speak to Shauna occasionally. However, the work we did together is deeply ingrained and I often stop and say to myself, ‘What would Shauna say?’

Thank you, Infinity! You will always be a part of my health journey, and I am confident I have the tools to sustain this way of life forever.