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Fit After 50!

I have been training with Infinity Health Coaching since June of 2018 and have seen amazing results from day one!

I am 51 years old and had started to believe that losing weight and feeling strong and fit again was impossible for me. The fitness, nutrition, and health coaching I have received since joining Infinity have given me the tools, confidence, and motivation to really push myself in so many ways. I have surpassed my original weight loss goal and am now on to my third goal, having lost 22 pounds so far.

My energy has improved, my sleep, my strength, and my endurance, to name a few. I have confidence in myself like never before, which has helped to improve and strengthen my relationships with others, specifically my husband and my children. The biggest obstacle I faced was thinking that this level of fitness was impossible for me at my age, boy have I been proven wrong!

My daughter and I are doing this program together. Having her with me is a great motivator and push to succeed. Working out is so much more fun with someone else. I am so pleased and proud that she is inspired to be fit as well, and I hope that I am a role-model for her and what she can accomplish now, and when she is in her fifties. Do not hesitate! Get started with Infinity Health Coaching today. You will not be disappointed.