CRAIG'S JOURNEY | Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching

Craig’s Journey

I reached out to Infinity to get some help with nutrition and exercise so I could lean out and gain strength and muscle. My initial experience was great – both timely and professional.

My Coach would push my limits each week with great knowledge about training and movement techniques. About halfway through our 12 weeks, I decided after watching the Game Changers on Netflix that I wanted to try a vegan approach. This was a huge change for me, being a carnivorous cowboy all my life! My Coach never missed a beat – she made me a new menu and was very knowledgeable about the plant based approach, which made the transition easier. A few weeks later she also added a valuable workout plan that helped me accelerate my gains.

Now, my energy levels, strength, and muscle mass are way up! I’ve been able to achieve progress I never thought was possible, all thanks to the direction, knowledge and training from my weekly sessions with Infinity. The meal prep planning, recipe ideas, workouts, and encouragement was exactly what I needed. The amount of organization and detail covered was both educational and motivational for me.

My Coach is truly a class act who feels like both a mentor and a friend, taking everything I said to heart and so clearly caring about my goals and wellbeing. I would recommend Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching whole heartedly to anyone looking to get healthier!