An Improved Frame of Mind

I spent a lot of time researching trainers/training facilities because I was looking for something specific. I had lost weight before, but the difference for me this time was I wanted to be healthy versus slim. I wanted to find that “whole package” trainer and when I landed on Infinity Health Coaching I looked no further. I knew that I had found the right fit. I signed up for the 6 month program and have learned new, healthier habits, and the guidance and encouragement that my coaches provided was truly a game changer! The most important thing I have gained through the whole process is a more positive frame of mind. Even on those weeks that I hadn’t lost as much as I expected, or maybe the number on the scale went up; instead of beating myself up, I tell myself, “tomorrow is a new day”. It sounds like such a clich√©, but Infinity really has empowered me to be the best version of myself. I have lost 30 pounds so far and I feel absolutely amazing! I have more energy and I sleep so much better.

I am so very thankful for Infinity and my coaches. They have helped change my life. If you have been struggling with your weight and don’t know where to turn, call Infinity. I promise you will not be sorry!