A MOTHER OF 3 | Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching

A Mother of 3

My Infinity Coach has been incredibly accommodating to my needs as a parent. I have to bring my two toddlers to sessions, and often find myself in a pickle with time management.

My Coach has been excellent at offering solutions for our schedule, making a plan, and helping us to follow through. Her expectations are reasonable, and I’m so glad I chose her and her team to help me get over the final hurdle and get my life back on track. She is encouraging, kind, incredibly supportive, and is able to think quickly when it comes to adapting to hurdles and roadblocks I may face.

I am so thankful that we chose Infinity to help us reach our goals! I am looking forward to the next few months. If you’re considering making life changes with someone to encourage you and challenge you, this is the team to go with. My energy has increased, I’m accountable to someone other than my scale, and when I’m too tired to problem solve on my own, the Infinity team has been paramount in my success.