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A Couple’s Experience

We’ve been with Infinity for about 5 months now. Before we started, my wife led a healthy lifestyle – watching her diet, staying active and going to the gym regularly. I on the other hand did not. We’ve tried several programs in the past, but nothing seemed to stick and admittedly I became very skeptical of wellness programs in general. After hearing about Infinity, my wife reached out, set up a meeting and I reluctantly agreed to give it a try.

Shauna’s pitch was different than anything we’ve experienced in the past. This wasn’t going to be a quick fix, fad diet, crazy exercise program that guaranteed a fitter you in 21 days. This was the total package. Food, exercise, water intake, mental health, work life balance, meal prepping – you name it, nothing was off the table.

We spent the first month talking and not hitting the gym – setting goals, discussing challenges and temptations, and developing a trusting relationship that allowed us to be accountable to each other. This was critical to our success, and reinforced the holistic approach that Infinity took with us. It wasn’t just about working out – it was bigger than that.

We’re 5 months into our 6 month program and the results we’ve noticed are dramatic. I set an unrealistic goal of losing 40 pounds and I’m down 48 already. I just ran 16 kilometres and will run the half marathon next year, and my wife of 16 years is the fittest she’s ever been!

We finally feel like we have control over our success, and it’s not something we want anymore, we have it! It’s been life changing for our family, and even though we are busy, Infinity has given us a new perspective on what’s truly possible. If you’re looking for lasting change and real results, Infinity is the way to go!