30 INCHES DOWN | Infinity Nutrition & Health Coaching

30 Inches Down!

When looking at the model I was setting for my daughter, I knew I needed to do better. I wanted something that was local to my area that was more than just personal training. I walked into my consultation knowing I needed someone who could motivate me to focus on my fitness needs, but I ended up getting so much more.

I signed up for a 6-month program with Coach Jessica, who created a personalized plan that I am so grateful for. She encouraged me to focus on a balance of healthy eating habits that could compliment my fitness journey. In our one-on-one training she inspired me to dig deeper, pushing myself harder which lead me to achieving far beyond my fitness goals. I now have endless energy to keep up with my daughter and busy schedule. I think the thing I am most proud of is the overall strength that I have gained throughout this process. I was never someone who focused on weight, but more how I felt and how strong I was overall – this process has allowed me to unlock a strength I didn’t even know I had.

I am so thankful for Infinity and its Coaches. I found my sessions a joy to attend and always felt I had a cheerleader in my corner. This company will not disappoint and is SO worth it!