20lbs Down During Menopause

After trying to lose weight in the last few years, the scale just wouldn’t budge no matter what I did. Being in my early 50’s, I would blame it on age, menopause and hormones. I was working out at least 5x/week and thought that I was eating well, but I just could not understand what was wrong! I was getting frustrated and losing self confidence. My husband mentioned trying a Health Coach, and I was skeptical.

But I started doing my research and spoke with a few different companies. When I spoke with Shauna, something immediately clicked and felt right, so I made an appointment and had this feeling of hope.

I met with Megan, one of the Coaches at Infinity who was so friendly and immediately put me at ease. I decided to go for the 6-month program as I felt this was the time commitment I would need to really see and make some changes. Megan set me up with a meal plan, exercise routine, and showed me how to track my food properly. I was also introduced to the Infinity App which has so many incredible recipes and it is still my go to app for meal ideas…every recipe has been delicious!

I also had the opportunity to work with Shauna, who was also so motivating and such a big help. I had a big trip planned and was worried that going away and eating out would sabotage all the work I had put in. She sat down with me, looked up the menu options, and helped guide me to some smart choices so that I would feel confident ordering my meals…this was so helpful!

I have also learned the importance of strength training and now incorporate it in all my workouts. Never would I have thought I would have the results I did in the 6 months I was with Infinity. I am so thankful I made that phone call and had the courage to just show up for the first appointment to check Infinity out. I am so much happier, much more confident and full of energy.

Thank you Megan and Shauna, I am so grateful for both your knowledge and your guidance.