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6:00PM-6:50PM with Coach Cheyenne
January 8th – February 26th (8 weeks)
Max 14 participants


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Monday Night Winter Bootcamp programs are total body strength and conditioning classes instructed in a HIIT format (high intensity interval training) that will help you gain muscle strength, stamina, and energy while burning away body fat and the stress of daily life. Our bootcamp classes are designed to produce maximum results in a shorter duration of time. This includes a mix of strength and endurance training and 45-60 second stations completed in a circuit style fashion. We change it up each week, so you can look forward to something new and exciting each class!

While HIIT style Bootcamp classes are known for their intensity, if you are new or just returning to exercise, don’t worry – Infinity caters to ALL fitness levels in a welcoming, inclusive, and no-judgment atmosphere. Our Coach’s always prioritize your wellbeing! They provide clear instructions on form and technique and offer modifications for each exercise. You can feel good about working out safely while being challenged to your limits in a fun and motivating environment.

Monday & Thursday Winter Bootcamp run every Monday and Thursday evening at 6:00pm at our new space on 3067 Ness Avenue! Programs are 8-weeks in duration. If you are looking for a fun, challenging, affordable, and effective way to reach your fitness goals, sign up today!


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