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Meet Jessica, Health Coach & Professional Dancer

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Jessica is a graduate of the School of Contemporary Dancers four year professional program (in affiliation with the University of Winnipeg).

Jessica has been dancing professionally for the past five years, along with teaching dance, choreographing, and coaching strength and flexibility. Her technical training and experience teaching has given her the skills and knowledge to create custom workouts and meal plans designed to benefit the individuals needs.

She specializes in fine-tuning proper alignment, posture, body maintenance, increasing strength, and improving flexibility. Jessica is very passionate about mind-body wellness and advocates for the importance of positive thinking, clean eating, and strong functional mobility, for a happy and healthy life.

As Jessica’s client, she will provide many tips and tricks for how to incorporate fitness and nutrition into your daily life. Jessica’s encouraging and positive energy will greatly assist in achieving your goals.
If you are ready to take this step, Jessica would love to work with you!

You can reach her at or call/text (204) 557-3593 

Meet Aliza, Health Coach & Kinesiology Graduate

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Aliza is a proud Kinesiology graduate of the University of Manitoba, and has also obtained her Certified Personal Training designation through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. Aliza is eager to incorporate her wealth of knowledge from courses such as Physical Activity, Health and Wellness, Resistance Training and Conditioning, Physical Activity Counseling, and Foods, Facts and Fallacies, to deliver the most comprehensive programming possible to her clients. Through these courses, Aliza understands the importance of taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, recognizing that a strategic fitness, nutrition, and sleep regimen is essential for living a happy and healthy life. Fitness has had such a positive impact on Aliza’s life, by which she not only lost 40 pounds, but gained a whole lot of energy and self-confidence in the process! Adopting physical activity and healthy eating practices for nearly 13 years now has completely changed Aliza’s life, both on the inside and out, and she would love to help others achieve the same level of happiness and satisfaction. If there is one lesson Aliza has learned, it is that adopting a healthy lifestyle has to be just that - a way of life, and she would love to help you achieve that goal in a fun and supportive environment!

Get in touch with Aliza today at or call/text 204-794-5365

Meet Shaquelle, Lead Health Coach & Fitness Expert

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Shaquelle is a certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Health Coach, and has graduated with her BA in Kinesiology right here in Winnipeg. Shaquelle has knowledge and practical experience Recreation Management, as well as personal fitness successes that demonstrate a well-rounded understanding and appreciation for crushing goals and feeling confident. She has also gone through a weight loss transformation of her own and has lost over 50 pounds!

Through advancing her university level education and personal experiences in meal planning, weight loss programs, and hypertrophy and functional training, Shaquelle has formed an excellent understanding about the effective and sustainable lifestyle choices it takes to be successful. Her fiery desire to make a meaningful difference in other people's lives gives her the drive and motivation to assist, guide and inspire the people around her to strive for their best selves.

As Shaquelle's client, you can expect to feel comfortable, confident, challenged, and SUCCESSFUL! Get in touch with Shaquelle today by emailing or giving her a call at 204-955-5447.

Meet Jesse, Health Coach & Yoga Master

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Jesse’s mission is to help her clients meet their desired health goals by taking a holistic approach that is positive and empowering and prioritizes movement, nutrition and self-care. She is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and has a Master’s of Science in Biology - she loves to learn and is always researching ways to further her knowledge of health and wellness and better serve her clients. Jesse is passionate about supporting and encouraging her clients to reach their goals by identifying the barriers to their success and providing suggestions of how these can be overcome. She is knowledgeable about strength training, increasing flexibility, managing pain, healthy recipes, mindfulness and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Yoga and meditation, along with other healthy lifestyle changes, helped Jesse to personally cope with and heal from trauma, grief, chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Jesse is compassionate, empathetic and loves to play a role in the transformation of people's lives! 

Get in touch with Jesse at or 204-995-3685.

Meet Shauna, Owner & Health Coach

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Owner Shauna Muldrew is a Personal Trainer and Registered Health Coach and Nutrition Counselor (RHNC), and has her diploma in Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching. Her many certifications include Holistic Health and Nutritional Medicine, Integrative Health Fundamentals, Nutrition Sciences, and Meal Planning. Shauna studied Kinesiology and Applied Health at the University of Winnipeg for 3 years, and has been in the health and fitness industry for almost a decade. She is also still pursuing advanced education in nutrition and physiology to stay on top of the latest research and accredited information. She comes highly trained and experienced, and has over an 85% success rate with helping her clients achieve their health goals.

Get in touch with Shauna at or 204-995-9241.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

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At Infinity, our team is made up of innovative, educated, and passionate individuals with a common goal: to help other people achieve a healthier lifestyle! Through collaboration, unity, and diversity, together we are stronger!

When "I" is replaced by "We", illness is replaced by wellness.